The difference between us and the big banks is that we work with lots of wholesale lenders and can offer hundreds of mortgage products, not just two or three.  As a result, our clients get lower rates, more options and faster closings.  Plus, we're licensed, know the market and follow the trends.  

Our products include Conventional, Jumbo, Jumbo Elite, VA, FHA, USDA, non-agency mortgages as well as many niche programs.

Our business model is very cost-effective which translates to more money in your pocket.  Each of the members of our processing team have over 10 years experience, two with 16 and 25 years in the business. Over 50 years of combined experience working for you!  We'll answer our texts/phones and also arm you with the knowledge to make the loan decision that's best for you. Afterall, you're the one who will be making the monthly payments, not us. We'll answer your questions, tell you the truth, aim to be transparent and always try to structure the loans in a way to save or even earn you money!

How do we do this?  First, we listen to you!  

If you tell us you won't hold onto the home more than 5 years, we would recommend an adjustable rate mortgage that has a lower-than-conventional fixed rate for the first 7 years. These loans are actually a good option as long as you're aware of all of their features and we're sure to explain all of the details to see if you feel it's a good fit for you.

For example, let's say you currently have a 3.5% interest rate, a $1,908 payment, a home value of $425,000 and your remaining loan balance is $340,000. You have 80% equity in your home.  If you refinance your loan balance with a 4.0 % rate for 30 years, you would now have a $1,623 payment. Plus, if you currently pay mortgage insurance, it would be eliminated, adding even more to your savings each month!

This offers several options to you, if cutting your monthly costs is your goal, your new payment is $285 lower which is a total savings of $102,600 during the term of the loan. Even if you're adding a few more years onto your existing payoff date, you're still ahead!  Down the road, if you decide to use this savings to make a lump-sum principal reduction, you can have your monthly payment re-adjusted to match your new outstanding principal balance, lowering it once again.

If you tell us that you're hoping to retire in roughly 22 years, you could continue to pay $1,908 (the old loan payment) which would pay your loan off 89.14 months earlier, a total savings of $170,079.

If we hear you say that you're hoping to have a future college fund, you would more than likely choose to pay the $1,908 (the old loan payment) and invest the $285 monthly savings.  Choosing an investment program that offers 5% would provide you an investment of approximately $237,194 after 30 years.

When it is possible to structure your loan in a way that provides investment funds, we'll help by calculationg the approximate future value of your funds, however, we're not financial planners but could point you in the direction of a few very reputable and successful companies.

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